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Cate Jolley

LLB, Bcom, Grad Dip Comms (Hons)

Private Property Advisor

A little about Cate


Fiercely loyal, Cate is a driven 45-year young property professional.


She benchmarks her success with her clients’ success, with high expectations and earns clients for life with exceptional service, researched knowledge and action.


Cate is committed to helping those who need property solutions most, the homeless.


Cate’s Intention is to..


Deliver a unique opportunity to access a trusted very qualified professional in the property industry and, without exception, deliver superior client service and experience.


Grow a portfolio of clients for life


Create a resource ‘go-to’ network


Generate a benchmark of industry excellence


Cate’s Ideal Clients commonly value


  • professionalism, responsiveness and results
  • time and expertise
  • personal referrals and recommendations
  • senior experienced business acumen and negotiation skills
  • trust, transparency and integrity


Growth: looking forward


Pursuing financial and personal freedom with clarity, determination and courage.


  • Generating value
  • Profit
  • Investment
  • Valuing time
  • Better qualified buyers
  • Business acumen and negotiation skills




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