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Create Property Solutions delivers unique access to a fresh, strategic and professional approach to property services.


Cate’s senior property and business experience, legal qualifications and a driving commitment to working exclusively in her clients’ interests offers a rare opportunity to secure professionalism and accountability amongst a fragmented and reactive real estate industry.


Quotes for are tailored to suit individual client and project specific needs.  As a guide, fees are apportioned as follows:


Research, Advice and Representation

Daily or hourly Fees


“investing in the unknown is risky”

  • Specific location report and recommendations
  • Target property research
  • Property attendance and recommendations
  • Independent 3rd party property appraisals
  • Auction instructions, attendance, bidding and negotiation

Property Acquisitions

Retainer and Success Fee


“be clear on your priorities and invest in them all the way”

  • Client property objectives clarified and prioritised
  • Location report
  • Purchase strategy
  • Property search – comprehensive research of properties on and off market
  • Property inspections
  • Negotiations, advice, feedback and reporting
  • Property due diligence
  • Contract due diligence
  • Settlement and handover assistance

Property Sales

Retainer and Success Fee


“use research for clarity, confidence and courage”


“be willing to have the tough conversations”


  • Location, market and property research
  • Property appraisal and market positioning
  • Strategic marketing, pricing and sales campaign recommendations
  • Partnering with most suitable best performing sales agent
  • Property preparation and presentation
  • Marketing campaign co-ordination
  • Inspection and open house attendances
  • Communication management
  • Negotiation and recommendations
  • Contract due diligence
  • Settlement assistance


Please contact cate@createpropertysolutions.com.au or call 0438 011 710 to discuss client needs and professional fees.

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