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What is your business?


“It is important to be able to communicate in a crystal clear way the vision and the purpose of the organisation”,


Create Property Solutions assists clients secure best possible property outcomes in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.





Why should I trust you to achieve the best result possible?


“be really clear on the priorities in your life and invest in them all the way” *


Experience, proven results and commitment to integrity.


Headed by Cate Jolley, a fiercely loyal and driven 45year young lawyer and property addict, her agency is designed to provide exceptionally professional client service that delivers the best possible outcomes: using fastidious market research, measured by clear client priorities.


Cate’s legal background is the driver of the comprehensive research that underlies and supports all client services;


  • purchasing advice;
  • industry, area or property research reports;
  • auction attendance and representation;
  • sales campaigns; and
  • specialised marketing solutions.





Why aren’t you placed as a market leader in the online public sales agent reviews?


Create Property Solutions has bought, sold, created marketing campaigns and managed property transactions worth millions of dollars in Brisbane and the Gold Coast during the past 15 years.


As a niche specialised service for professionals; trust is quintessential and confidentiality is part of this trust.


Create Property Solutions is driven by client satisfaction and outstanding results – not personal branding.




Why choose Create Property Solutions to achieve your next property goal?


Generating value for you is our primary focus.


Profit: achieving the maximum sale price for a property; securing a property at the best possible price; building a valuable portfolio


Investment: sourcing and securing properties to fit specific investment criteria

Purchasing and relocation: supplying meticulous and thoroughly researched advice for property options that fit personal, professional and/or family goals.


Valuing your time is key.


Time is money. . Who do you trust?


Consider interviewing industry salespeople.


Or select a trusted partner; Create Property Solutions.


Qualified and professional services with researched, targeted property solutions.


Attract better qualified buyers


Who do you want viewing your property?


Generating qualified leads and building buyer expectations is a craft developed with experience, training, senior communication skills and intuition.


Experienced business acumen and negotiation skills,



Create Property Solutions

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