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A lawyer, marketing and property professional saving you time and stress in the real estate industry


Cate is a legally trained senior property professional who assist clients secure property goals with bespoke research services, partnerships and tailored campaigns.


Cate's independent agency is all about acting exclusively in clients' best interests.


Selecting a property agent you trust to act exclusively in your interest,  achieve the best possible outcome, is statisically proven to be one of the most stressful components of property transactions. Trust a qualified professional.


Using relevant and current market knowledge Cate sources the best agent to partner with to secure the best possible property outcome for you - and manages the entire process from agent selection to final property sale or acquisition, removing associated stress and time navigating through the real estate industry.


Client outcomes - rather than personal branding, publicity and marketing goals - are the measure of success.



"The unknown is risky"

Significant stamp duty and other property taxes should deter hasty, unresearched property decisions. Eliminating the ‘unknown’ empowers you to make informed property decisions based on relevant, accurate and current information.


The first step is understanding your property goal with clarity.

For many, this goal is already clearly established.

For others establishing a clear goal and outcome is an essential starting point.


Decisions are significant : financial security, employment, family needs and future, time-line factors and other involved parties.


Short and long term influences on your goal are considered, non-negotiable and flexible factors are prioritised.


Once a clear property goal, whether for residential purchasing or portfolio investment, is established, relevant research is undertaken.


Research services include:


Location search


Relocation, investment or residential focus.

Find out important area demographics and infrastructure, upcoming developments, transport, schools, services,  important in your life.


Property search

When you are clear on your preferred location, current and recent property sales supply you with a strong indicator of the price range to consider for your purchase.

Check our property acquisition service for specialised assistance to secure a property that best suits your goals and lifestyle.  Significant stampy duty costs should incentivise you do everything possible to ensure your property purchase is not a mistake for avoidable reasons.


Specialised reports

A specialised service for Investors and property professionals to secure project support.



“Use research for clarity, confidence and courage "

Prepare and present professionally.


Invest in proven resources fo the best results.


Commit to communication.




Be willing to have the tough  conversations.

Property Sales - let Cate do the talking


Many agents are outstanding in sales and negotiations.  Their results tell the story.  A quick google search for reviewed agents will show who is achieving the best recorded sales in each different market area. BUT how do you discern which agent you will enjoy (?) working with?  Which agent will respect your time? Which agent will effectively manage their communications with you around your time constraints?


Which is the best agent that will secure the best property ouctome for you, with the least amount of stress?


Cate partners with the best and proven agents to ensure you have the most suitable successful local property agent marketing and selling your property.


Cate manages and monitors all communications and accountability throughout the entire process and campaign on your behalf - saving you time and stress.


Property Appraisals


Strategic Differentiation


When Cate is working with you, you will be one of a few clients at a time.  Create Property Solutions does not manage multiple property sales at the same time.


You are assured of individual maximum attention throughout your property campaign, from initial consultation through every step of the process until settlement is secured.






Digital Influence




“be really clear on the priorities in your life and invest in them all the way"

Property Acquisitions - avoid costly mistakes


Individual needs and goals are assessed with specific consideration to timing, budget parameters, financial goals and lifestyle aspirations.


A comprehensive plan with agreed criteria based on the current market is used to search for properties in your preferred areas/location.


Each potential property is assessed and analysed against agreed criteria, and with inspections conducted where fits.


A detailed inspection report for each selected property and an estimated market value, together with a recommended buying strategy,


Auction attendance and representation


A service for those who seek the assurance of being represented by an independent property professional.


This service offers particular appeal to buyers who:

- seek anonymity; or

- are unable to attend an auction due to geography or timing constraints; or

- prefer to trust this specialised process with an experienced professional.


Relocation, Infrastructure, pending developments, schooling, traffic, local market demand and supply knowledge impact significantly on lifestyle.


Cate delivers 45 years of specialised local market knowledge, together with valuable access to a developed network of industry-leader contacts.


Whether relocating temporarily or for a lengthier period, engaging a local expert to reduce risk during a stressful period enables informed decisions to avoid expensive mistakes.


Industry & Leadership Resources

Marketing Resources


Create Property Solutions offers a range of specialised industry services including;


  • brand development
  • social media campaign planning and implementation
  • copywriting
  • corporate and project resourcing
  • interstate representation and client assistance



Enquire about specialised resourcing assistance during vacations or extra busy periods.


Speaking and Leadership


Property is a hot topic in the current market.  However, regardless of market conditions, property is overwhelmingly one of the most consistent themes in every Australian.  We all need property and most want more.  Cate is available to customise a speaking presentation to your audience at your event.



Create Property Solutions is an independent private advisory service founded on confidentiality, professionalism and trust.


Results, value and success are demonstrated by client outcomes and referrals.




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