"Cate Jolley was responsible for the selling of our family home of 50 years:  respecting the family memories and heritage, while presenting the home in the best light ready for new owners.


Our first contact with Cate was testament to all our future dealings: she answered the phone readily, listened intently and patiently to our needs, and provided knowledgeable advice.


It was an absolute pleasure working with Cate, who ensured the whole sales process from pre-marketing to final contract was managed seamlessly. Cate’s approach was meticulous, and considered, at all steps. Cate always struck the right balance in good communications to us: we appreciated Cate’s excellent written communications when email necessitated.


Cate’s extensive knowledge of the local housing market, and continually monitoring and updating statistical comparisons of nearby sales, was helpful in arriving at an objective, competitive price point for our family home.  Cate coordinated quality repair trade work that we requested, allowing the home to be beautifully presented, yet with authenticity for the history of the building.


Cate’s legal background gave us confidence in contract negotiations, and Cate was pro-active at planning ahead for all sales contract contingencies.


Above all, Cate was highly motivated for a good outcome for us, put our needs as a priority, was readily contactable, and was extremely courteous and professional, both to our family, and to prospective buyers.  We would highly recommend Cate’s real estate services."


Catherine, and John

February 2017


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